Mo Yan in the Book 91 - 95(H)


90 It’s time to start – wanna do it in the butt?:
‘No, it hurts. Go out.’ Mo Yan cried. Her butt wasn’t used to being used for copulation, and Yi had cruelly invaded her. Her face paled and she perspired, while her two holes clamped the two cocks preventing them from moving.
‘Yan’er, relax. Don’t be so tight. Damn, are you trying to break me?’ Yi said through gritted teeth. He patted her round plump snowy buttocks with his large hands. There were pink palm prints on her skin from Zeyuan. Her skin was red and white; unspeakable obscenity. (Zuben: riiight, if you say so)
Yi’s desire was mounting, he kneaded her butt cheeks while Zeyuan rubbed the red swollen labia.
‘Ah, don’t…stop~’ shame made Mo Yan protest helplessly, but soon the shame was eroded by pleasure. Her struggles gave way to the pleasures the men were inducing in her. Her eyes were dazed, her waist and buttocks were extremely attractive and her lips emitted bittersweet coquetry. (Zuben: I interrupt this fap chapter to facepalm at that line)
He could feel her anus give and Yi held her waist to push forward.
‘How could you climax so quickly? I haven’t even started. Darling, don’t be so tight, let me fuck your greedy mouth.’ Yi said before stabbing wildly. (Zuben: Great love making skill on display here)
‘Slow down, it hurts!’ she cried. The anus was stretched thin, and having a hard time taking all that cock. Her back-cave meat was wriggling closely, and intestinal fluid was squeezed out as he inserted. (Zuben: I like how one crude enema is all they needed. “We have ritualistically cleaned out her arsehole; we can fuck it any time without clearance!”)
Yi slowed down, withdrew and inserted with deliberate slowness. The engorged arteries and veins scrapped the delicate entrance back and forth bringing up raw pain and a trace of indescribable pleasure.
‘Hngh, so tight. A Yuan, I finally know why you like to plug darling’s back hole. This little mouth is sucking my meat stick so hard. Yan’er, why are you two mouths so greedy. Do you want to squeeze us dry, hn?’
Yi was sweating. Beads of sweat ran down his face to his chin and dropped on her snowy arched back.
‘No ah~’ she cried enchantingly, ‘I’m don’t ~ hn~’
‘Lie,’ Zeyuan interjected, ‘you said you were tired, but your pussy refuses to let me go, desperately sucking my meat.’ He said before pushing into her heavily. Her cherry red face was so arousing he could not help but pump hard into her.
‘Ha~ ah~ so full, too much~’ she cried tightening her two holes. He worked in tandem, when Yi pulled out Zeyuan pushed in making the two holes continually secrete fluids wetting the sheets. Her snowy breasts swayed to the rhythm tempting Zeyuan into taking a nipple into his mouth and sucking it vigorously. (Zuben: Please don’t ask me if they are standing up or lying down doing this, cos I dunno. P.S. drink)
‘Did you know that the sensitive point in the front hole is the same point at the back hold?’ Yi whispered in her ear (Zuben: But Mo Yan has a like many many “sensitive points”)
Mo Yan opened her eyes wide in panic, ‘No hah…don’t...hold on…I will break.’ The panic made Zeyuan hit her flower palace fiercely.
As they fucked her, they two meat sticks would sometimes butt against each other through the membrane. He could feel her trembling beneath him as it happened. Yi ground into her again, and found the sensitive point hidden deep in her arse hole. (Zuben: How deep? 20000 leagues?)
‘Yan’er, we’re starting…’ (Zuben: Fo realz, all that was foreplay?) Yi whispered in her ear, he and Zeyuan exchanged a tacit understanding, and they both slowly withdrew their cocks up to the glans, and then at the same time thrust in, hitting her sensitive point in the front and in the back.

91 Petit Mort:
Mo Yan tried to resist the pleasure, ‘No~ more…I will die~ I will die~’ she cried. Her holes were filled without any gaps, the two men were fucking her in tandem, grounding her sensitive point at the same time. Yi’s cock pressed against Zeyuan’s across the layer of flesh inside and Zeyuan glared at him. (Zuben: What? It’s not gay in a three way)
Mo Yan got more fearful and excited; her holes kept spraying waters. ‘Stop it. No more~’ she cried, but the strange pleasure caused her to curl up and bite the skin over Zeyuan’s clavicle.
The pain made him squint. He continued to push his meat stick against the tender meat of her cervix, grinding into the small opening and stabbing the juicy wall of her uterus. (Zuben: Well, with all that pounding she’s a tenderised bit of steak) Just as he was about to pull out, parted her butt cheeks and Yi stuck his meat stick in the deepest reach of her rectum as though he wanted to fuck her with his balls as well. Sandwiched between them Mo Yan could not escape the skill that they were born with. (Zuben: What fucking skill? Jackhammering like there is no tomorrow?)
‘Don’t…’ Mo Yan moaned.
The air of the spacious bedroom was filled with a lustful musk. On the big bed, Mo Yan’s enchanting body was trapped between two tall straight men. (Zuben: Why we required this perspective pull back, I do not know. Why it has to be mentioned that they were straight after tall is a conundrum) Her lips were slightly parted, her eyes were glistening with tears, her cheeks were red and her long black hair wildly fell all over her body. She looked seductive like a red rose just aching to be plucked.
The men were distinctive in their appearance. (Zuben: Why? Why? Why?)
One man had dark green eyes; it was obvious that he had foreign blood. His angular features were like a Greek sculpture, meticulously carved by god. (Zuben: I sincerely want to beat this author up)
The other man was androgynous, his face was both effeminate and masculine with deep dark eyes that attracted people to him.
Their bodies were superb it was obvious that they worked out.
Where the three were conjoined, there was a slapping sound. Under the snowy butt, (Zuben: You know what to do), two cocks, thick as baby’s arms, stuffed the two holes. When they pulled away, their meat sticks were dark purple and red, and the blood vessels were engorged, deforming the openings they thrust into. Even though, the fluids were now tinged pink, her body continued to hold onto the penises tightly.
‘I’m so tired,’ she cried. She was boneless, and was supported by the men holding her. Her two holes were now swollen and sore showing that they had undergone an onslaught of lust. She could not keep her eyes open, but her constant cried for rest only aroused the two men’s baser instincts to devour her. Her tearful eyes evoked love and care. (Zuben: Stop then?)
‘Soon…relax’ Yi said lightly slapping her arse. He hit his cock against the soft meat of her rectum, and twisted her clitoris, and flicked at it. (Zuben: Just the way to get someone to relax, give them a smack)
‘Ah. I’m almost…ah~’ Her eyes were once again confused, staring at Zeyuan. Her red lips made him want to suck and kiss the,.
‘Why is it here again, darling? We’ve only shot a few times…we need to do you more in the future.’ (Zuben: Thank you for letting us know that the ultimate goal is not her pleasure but yours)

92 Wait for us to get high:
Just get yourself high
Her body spasmed between them, the holes sprayed liquid, tightly entangling the phalluses within her as if she wanted to wring out their semen.
‘I can’t I’m going crazy.’
‘Yan’er wait for us. Let’s come together.’ (Zuben: Why should she?)
Zeyuan sharpened his target of her sensitive points to prolong her climax. He and Yi took turns hitting her deepest parts in their respective holes trying to push the limits of her body.
‘No, stop. I will break.’ Her climaxing body was sensitive and both men stroked her body up and down to tease her sensitivity. Each thrust from both men sent electric shocks of pleasure from her tailbone to her brain, her holes tightened. One of them held her hips, the other held her shoulders as the thrust in cruelly aggravating her orgasm.
‘That’s it, Yan’er. Clamp a little more. Hng, so great. That’s it.’ Yi growled slapping Mo Yan’s buttocks hard. The pain made her clamp tightly around him. He continued to swing wildly making her spray nectar and intestinal fluid. The mixture flowed unto the bed, an erotic product of their copulation.
‘Baby, wait for us.’ His green eyes had darkened, and Zeyuan pinched her flower base with great force, and the strong pleasure it generated went straight to her brain. Her palace entrance was breached, the cock smashed into the roof of the uterus. Love juice flowed out but it was blocked by the cock.
Mo Yan was moaning and crying, she was engulfed by unceasing pleasure, she could not hear their domineering orders. She had completely forgotten where she was, she only knew to open her body to their endless demands.
They continued to thrust in one after the other, their expressions becoming ferocious.
‘It’s coming!’ she shouted, (Zuben: It’s been coming since 1999)
A white light flashed before her eyes. Her holes convulsed madly squeezing and sucking the penises inside them.
‘That’s it, darling.’ They pushed in deeply at the same time, and hot semen sprayed into the swollen inner walls. In both holes, there was a mixture of her fluids and their turbidity. Her flat abdomen bulged up visible to the naked eye as they filled her. (Zuben: Like power hoses)
Both men looked satisfied. Yi pulled out first and a stream of their fluid gushed out under pressure onto the wet sheets. Zeyuan lifted Mo Yan, not taking out his meat stick, and took her to the bathroom. Each step, pushed his dick in and out of her.
Mo Yan groaned in discomfort, but her sounds only made him want to continue to gallop inside her small mouth.
‘So tight,’ he groaned as he sat on the edge of the bath and pressed her heavily on his cock. She kept trying to pull away but he pressed her belly and twisted her clitoris.
‘No, don’t…ah~’ Mo Yan climaxed again. Her body flushed out nectar that was blocked by his cock. Her abdomen looked like she had been pregnant for three months.
‘Damned goblin. All for you…ah…’ he groaned as her flower path twisted around his cock and made it difficult for him to move. He tossed her up and down, bumping into the walls of the uterus. He rose pulled her up and thrust her down so his meat stick sank into her to the roots before spraying white hot semen into her delicate womb.
Mo Yan cried out. She climaxed again when he came inside her. Her delicate body shook uncontrollably in his arms.
‘Nice, Yan’er. Have a good rest.’ Zeyuan said affectionately, kissing her before drawing out his member. He turned on the shower and cleaned her off the various fluids.
(Zuben: These things go on too long)

93 Meat in the mouth:
‘You’re insatiable. She’s exhausted and you continued to do it.’ Yi said to Zeyuan with disapproval.
‘If it were you, would you put down the meat in your mouth?’ Zyuan asked him as he put on a pyjama shirt for Mo Yan.
Yi raised his eyebrow, before replying, ‘No,’ and handed Zeyuan the hair dryer.
‘That’s all there is to it.’ He said before leaning Mo Yan on his chest, fiddling with her wet hair strangely before drying her hair. Once her hair was dry, they took off the shirt and Yi covered her body in some transparent ointment, caressing the red bruises as he went along. The coldness made Mo Yan frown in discomfort. Once he was done, they put the shirt back on and Yi fed her a pill.
‘Will taking that for a long time have adverse effects?’ Zeyuan asked looking at the bottle.
‘No, it’s mild. And it will take care of her body.’ Yi replied caressing her flat stomach. (Zuben: Always handy with the convenient medication)
‘Do you want to?’ Zeyuan asked, incredulously.’
‘No, but one could change their mind. Who can be sure what will happen in the future? You have to have realised that we are all into her. I don’t know what medicine she gave us,’ Yi said grabbing her chin and flicking her frowning face lightly. His expression made Zeyuan uneasy.
‘It maybe that there are too many people around us, and Yan’er’s body is just right for us.’ Zeyuan replied with sniff. He was disdainful, but still charming. (Zuben: What kind of idiotic rationalisation is this?!)
‘Yan’er, why can’t you be like other women?’ Yi asked before kissing her lips. He held a hand against her neck, as though if the decision were required, he would not hesitate to end her life. (Zuben: Yeah, right)
Zeyuan looked on coldly; he understood the contradiction on Yi’s mind. He too was worried that Mo Yan would eventually have too much influence over them and become their weakness. But he could not bear to let her go. After all, she didn’t bore him yet. However, seeing his friend’s action, he was fearful and did not dare relax. He was afraid that they treasure he would never find again would die by Yi’s hand if he was not vigilant.
Yi released her, his expression as cold and grave, he caressed her pink lips with his thumb, ‘Don’t let us down, Yan’er.’ (Zuben: How is it her problem?)
‘Don’t worry, if she changes, how could we tolerate her?’ Zeyuan said picking up his glasses and wiping imaginary dust off it. His resolute attitude was convincing. (Zuben: Changes to what exactly?)
Yi nodded, and Zeyuan continued, ‘Let her rest tomorrow. She’s so delicate she faints all the time.’
Yi rose, ‘Don’t forget she only recovered from a high fever yesterday. Her physical strength is poor, but we can adjust her diet to help cultivate her body.’ He tucked her into the quilt and stroked her face.
‘Oh.’ Zeyuan smiled and his emerald eyes sparkled in the dark like a hungry wolf.
Yi laughed, ‘I know a few recipes. Shouldn’t you contribute something?’ Yi asked Zeyuan as they walked out of the room.
‘Do I look like a cook?’ Zeyuan asked as he closed the door behind them gently. Yi gave him a look of contempt, ‘Fine, I’ll ask someone to deliver food.’
‘That’s the spirit.’ Yi smiled and headed off to his room.

94 Damned Beasts:
‘Ah, hurts…’ Mo Yan said as she woke up. She stared into the distance for a time, collecting herself. Under the insatiable demands of Situ Yi and Mu Zeyuan, her body felt like it had been steamrolled. She ached everywhere.
‘Those damned beasts,’ she cursed. Her body did not have bruises, but she still hurt. She took off the shirt and trampled on it, letting out her anger, before going to her closet to look for something to wear.
(Zuben: Here we go again…)
Her reflection in the closet mirror showed a beautiful face with tender and flawless white skin, that gave off a lustre like a new born baby. (Zuben: drink) Her eyes were charming apricot, which could hook one’s soul. Her discipline from her past life made her looked calm and introspective.
She picked out a floral dress which set off her graceful figure. Mo Yan blinked at herself and smiled. She took care of her hair and make-up, and left her room.
In the living room, three men said and her bright expression collapsed.
‘Why are you still…? Why is Ye Hanyu here?’ she demanded.
Seeing her charming visage, her expression as cool, her aura was elegant and noble; they wanted to lock her up in her room forever so no one else could share her beauty.
‘I came to accompany you one day in advance. Isn’t kitty happy to see me?’ Hanyu came up to her and took her to the sofa. He sniffed her fragrance and enjoyed the feel of her.
‘No,’ was her quiet reply, but they could sense her displeasure.
‘Where are you going, Yan’er?’ Yi asked, his eyes were dark – there was a trace of unhappiness. (Zuben: What the heck do you have to be unhappy about?)
‘I’m going home.’ She said before turning her head away. Her rigidity could not hide her fear and uneasiness.
Zeyuan exchanged a look with the other men, ‘It will a few days before you see Yi and I again, should you show that you’ll miss us?’
Mo Yan looked at both of them, before getting up and going up to Zeyuan. She leaned over and stroked his hair before pressing her trembling lips against his.
Zeyuan grabbed her and swept his tongue through her mouth, sucking on her fleeing tongue. She soon softened and fell into his arms.
After a long while, Zeyuan let go of the breathless girl. There was strong possessiveness in his eyes but it was quickly hidden, yet it did not escape Hanyu and Yi.
Yi pulled Mo Yan from Zeyuan. He ran this thumb along her now swollen lips absentmindedly. He was worried about what would happen if everyone was really into Mo Yan in the future. His attitude towards her was beginning to loosen slightly. (Zuben: Yesterday, you were wanting her to fall in love with you quickly, are you in denial?) If it was true, he was afraid he would not be able to let go.
Yi closed his eyes, what could they do? He didn’t want them to split their friendship over Mo Yan. (Zuben: Return her to her father’s house? No?)
If it did come to that, Yan’er, you will accompany us to sink forever. (Zuben: Dude, you’re already there)
He kissed her, his tongue darted into her mouth, rolling and lingering. The kiss was long, pressing her delicate body against his.
Yi’s firmness and domination made Zeyuan chuckle, but Hanyu was surprised. It looked as though his two friends had become somewhat infatuated with Mo Yan. Although he did want her, it was not beyond that of a sex partner, nothing deep. (Zuben: Three times is the charm, dude)

95 Hate to let you go:
‘Enough, now.’ Mo Yan said pushing again from Situ Yi. She glared at him, not realising how attractive she looked; her cheeks were red, her eyes were watery and her lips emitted an intoxicating fragrance. (Zuben: It’s just toothpaste, dear)
‘No way, Yan’er is so attractive.’ He said kissing her forehead, eyelids, cheeks, and lips. He tried to resist the desire for her, and wiped the lipstick stain from the corner of his lip.
Zeyuan wanted for her to calm down, he sipped on his tea and turned to her, ‘Ready?’ he asked. (Zuben: Tea fairy has struck again. Quite like the red wine fairy)
‘Yes,’ Mo Yan said quickly afraid they would change their minds and not let her go home.
‘Let’s go.’ He said rising with his keys, ‘I’ll give you a ride.’ He took her hand and pulled her to him.
‘Since, kitty is going home, I’ll come back tomorrow. Hope kitty remembers to come back.’ Ye Hanyu said with a smile. Mo Yan nodded, so he rose out of the sofa, satisfied.
‘Let’s all leave together.’ Yi said rising up as well and brushing his clothes.
Three sports cars drove out of the parking lot and headed to their respective destinations.
In his car, Zeyuan watched Mo Yan looking out of the window quietly, ‘What’s the matter?’
‘Nothing. It’s just it feels like I haven’t been home for a long time.’ Mo Yan said quietly, still staring out the window.
‘If you want to visit your parents, tell me.’ He said putting his free hand on her head to rub, enjoying the soft feel of her hair.
‘Really?’ Mo Yan said in surprised delight.
‘Yes.’ Zeyuan replied with a smile.  (Zuben: Dude, he was just threatening you yesterday, have you forgotten? I wouldn’t trust this sperm brained snake dudes)
He pulled to a stop not far from her parents’ villa. He caressed her face gently and pulled her in for a kiss. His tongue chased her fragrant one, making her unable to resist. His breath made her tremble. Under his hot tender kisses, Mo Yan became dazed, she felt like her whole heart would jump out of her chest. She broke away.
‘Enough,’ she said.
‘What can I do?’ he said pulling her into his arms, ‘I really hate to let you go.’ He put his chin on her head and kissed hair, enjoying her warmth.
Mo Yan felt intoxicated, her lonely heart felt slightly loose. She looked at him, then dropped her eyes and pushed away. Without looking at him again, she got out of the car, ‘I’ll be going.’ And walked away quickly.
Watching her walk away, he decided she was like an ostrich avoiding him. Zeyuan smiled, his eyes were full of promise. Yan’er’s attitude towards him looked like it was softening. It was still a while before they got to know one another, but at least it was faster than the others. (Zuben: Delulu)
Mo Yan patted her blushing cheeks and took a deep breath. Her expression looked sweet and delicious. She nervously gathered her hair before opening the door.
‘Mom, Dad, I’m home.’ She called out.
Meng Xin quickly emerged, ‘Yan-yan! I thought you couldn’t come home today.’ She hugged her daughter and kissed her cheek. She could not hide her joy at seeing her daughter.
Seeing her mother’s joy, Mo Yan almost began to cry, she had really missed her. She hugged and took in the familiar warmth, ‘I’ve been busy, I’ll come back more often, when we’re are done. Have you been taking care of yourself while I’ve not been home?’
‘Yes, yes, Madam. You look after yourself!’ Meng Xin said flicking her daughter’s nose with en elegant finger, ‘Oh by the way, I have a surprise for you.’ She pulled Mo Yan along.
‘Surprise?’ Mo Yan asked suspiciously.
‘Look who’s here!’ Meng Xin said with great fanfare stepping aside to show off a tall handsome man. (Zuben: No uglies universe)

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