Mo Yan in the Book 1 - 3 (H)

Like really! NOT the book's cover oh~ Illustration by Kelsey Beckett

NU Title: Transmigration Into Book As Cannon Fodder


Mo Yan, an ordinary working girl died in an earthquake just after reading a novel recommended by her colleague. She transmigrated into the tragic antagonist of the same name within the book. She wanted to avoid the protagonists and live a low-key life but she gets caught amongst a group of jackals!


Poor little rich girl gets spiked with aphrodisiacs by her friend and lands pussy first on the dicks of five supremely rich guys behind the rich guys. What is she to do?

This is the second pick up request on NU that I have been interested in. But Smoggybelle wants to do it as well. Since I MTL and will just get aggro for my running commentary as it's not a book I choose but a pick up request, I decided to let it go, but put up the chapters I have already done.

1 No More (H)

On the luxurious king sized bed shrouded in darkness, a fully clothed man lay with a naked woman on top of him. Their lower bodies were connected tightly, his pushing up against hers, making loud churning sounds.
‘No more~ ah stop…ah~’ the dark haired woman sobbed powerlessly as she clung to the man’s shoulders, hoping he would release her from his onslaught.
‘But I don’t want to stop...Yan’er.’ he replied taking in the lust dazed woman in his arms. His eyes darkened with deepening desire and his movements became more vigorous.
‘Ah~ ah~ please stop…I can’t stand it.’ She cried out as Gong Qiye’s increasing intensity. She could not shake him off. Her ink black eyes were filled with tears that ran down her flawless face.
‘Ah~ ah~’ under the strong impacts Gong Qiye was giving her, Mo Yan’s body rocked up and down and her stamen kept seeping out nectar.
Her moans intertwined with his grunts. Her screams were loud and fierce, while he grunted frowning tightly. Just as Mo Yan’s body reached climax, Qiye pressed his thumb against her flower pedicle. Her flower path instantly gripped his large phallus and she ejected transparent fluid from her body.
So the tide blows; such a sensitive body.
Mo Yan struggled against Gong Qiye but she couldn’t break way, his large strong hand had a tight grip on her slender waist.
He continued to thrust into her; he could see that her womanhood was now swollen and bright red. His hand glided up from her waist to grasp her abundant breast that spilled out between his fingers. A pair of nipples the colour of cherry plums sat at the apex of the luscious flesh. They were bright red from arousal and Qiye’s constant play. The other hand grabbed Mo Yan’s thigh as he turned her over while his body did not stop moving, constantly bumping upwards.
‘Ah~ please, ah~ you’ll break me. Stop~ I beg you~’
But Gong Qiye ignored her pleas and continued to fuck her. He suddenly felt that the flower bud on top of the path had opened slightly. He kept pounding at the small opening vigorously. Gradually, unable to withstand the constant impact and friction of the fierce cock, the bud could not continue to protect her body, her most precious place.
‘Be obedient…don’t run away again.’ He growled as his cock brutally broke through the flower bud and penetrated the flower palace.
Her beautiful eyes enlarged instantly but they were dazed – unable to focus. Crystal like tears continued to fall from her corner of her eyes, tendrils of her inky hair stuck to her crimson cheeks from perspiration, her pink lips could not help but moan while her slender fingers held onto Gong Qiye’s arms.
Qiye’s hand continued to knead her delicate breasts, while his other hand continued to pinch at her flower pedicle while his thick male root poked her. After entering the flower palace he continued to thrust. Feeling like he was reaching his peak, he kept going fiercely pushing deeper into her palace without giving Mo Yan any breathing space. (Zuben: The logistics of this confuses me, how does he leverage his thrusting? Still hot tho!)
‘No ah~ ahn~’ Mo Yan moaned loudly under his vigorous impact, and when she could no longer bear it, she began to lose consciousness. She held onto him feebly, letting his have his way with her. When he reached his peak, he thrust deep into her flower place and ejaculated. He watched as he lower abdomen rose with the mass of semen in her, then he pulled out of her. Once he did a thick stream of semen and nectar flowed out of her. (Zuben: too much hentai)

2 Going to Break(H)

 There was a sound of the door opening and closing.
‘Really cruel, you’ve knocked out our baby.’ The man who entered said as he quickly took off his clothes and sauntered up to the bed. His handsome face was wearing a wicked smile and his narrow eyes were full of lust.
‘What about the others?’ Qiye asked. His hands were caressing Mo Yan’s body.
‘Dealing with those who let our baby escape,’ Xiao Muchen replied as he lay alongside her.
‘Tut tut…baby’s cave is all swollen, but her eyes filled with unfulfilled lust.’ He said. His tone was compassionate but his eyes were filled with lust. He inserted index and middle fingers into her honey cave while he pressed his thumb on her flower pedicle. Her silken flesh wrapped around his fingers making Muchen’s lower body engorged; wanting to ruthlessly run through her.
‘Ah! Un~ ow~’ Mo Yan unconsciously cried out. Even after falling unconscious she could feel that he body was being invaded. Muchen continued to do draw his fingers back and forth inciting her delicate cries.
‘Hmm…’ he moaned as he sucked on his fingers after pulling out of her, to taste her sweet honey. His eyes showed that he enjoyed it very much. He rubbed his huge cock against her wet flower cave. He saw she had fallen into lust one more, her cheeks were red. He pushed into her swiftly.
‘Ah~ Ah~ Ah~’ she began to moan.
‘No matter how much you do it, baby’s hole is still tight.’ Xiao Muchen said as he grabbed hold of her narrow waist and thrust and grinded into her as though he wanted to break her. At the same time, Qiye kneaded her breasts vigorously, teasing her nipples. Mo Yan opened her eyes and tried to escape from the two men, but the two men held her fast showing the great disparity of strength. She could only let them continue.
Gong Qiye pinched Mo Yan’s chin and turned her to kiss her cherry lips as though she were an oasis in the desert.
She sighed in relief when Xiao Muchen pulled out of her and her body relaxed. But Gong Qiye inserted his cock into her almost at once and Muchen pushed in beside him. She tightened in response.
‘Don’t clip, Yan’er. Relax, let us in.’ Qiye groaned. His face was marred with a frown as sweat poured from his forehead and dripped onto Mo Yan’s body.
‘Ah…too big…too much…stop…ah~ uhn~…’ she cried as tears poured down her eyes. They were instantly kissed off by Xiao Muchen,
‘Her lips are sweet, her flower is sweet, even baby’s tears are sweet…’
The delicate and soft honey pot finally accepted their cocks. Her weak resistance excited them. Xiao Muchen’s thumb raged vigorously against her sensitive red plum or he scratched at it with his nail. The pain sent numbing waves of pleasure making her sensitive honey pot sucked on their cocks even harder.
‘No,’ she cried, ‘please stop thrusting…too much...will…break.’ She shook her head in protest. She looked at them both with pitiful tear-filled eyes.
‘How could you break? Yan’er’s upper mouth is shouting no, but your lower mouth is more honest, wanting us to continue inserting it.’ Qiye replied. His eyes were filled with bottomless lust; he pressed against her belly pushed up by the big cocks. While Muchen rubbed her breasts with one hand and her flower bud with the other, continually teasing her. (Zuben: The mental acrobatics these smuts require might be beyond my processing power)
‘Ah~, but-’ Mo Yan was about to reply but Muchen took her rosy lips and blocked her voice. The two men’s cocks took turns to pound the small mouth below. The skin around the invaded love hole was swollen and tender. It began to ooze the mixture of nectar and semen from the three lovers. After several hours of pumping, (Zuben:  poor thing) the flower cave had been rubbed raw, but under the teasing of the two men, the hole kept pouring out more honey, allowing the two men easy thrusting.
‘Ah~ ahn~’ was all Mo Yan could moan, unable to do anything, while tears ran down her face.
If she hadn’t transmigrated, she would be living her perfect life, and would not have found herself trapped amongst this group of men…

3 The Dream of Beginning.

 At a messy desk, a woman was focused on reading a report. She wore a suit that clung tightly to her graceful curves.
There was a clatter in front of her,
‘Ah, the ending is really good; the heroine and her family live happily ever after with the love interests.’ Lin Yuyao said blissfully, kissing the novel in her hands.
‘Yaoyao, the witch is watching…’ Mo Yan looked up past Yaoyao’s arm at the woman who was approaching them.
‘You two, what are you talking about instead of working hard? Finish tomorrow’s report as soon as possible.’ Their witchy director said arrogantly, looking down on both of them. After chastising, she turned on her hateful sky high heels and walked towards the new fresh meat with her buttocks twisting enchantingly.
‘Did you see how she was walking? She’s so old but she can’t let go of fresh meat.’ Lin Yuyao turned back to Mo Yan with a sigh.
‘My dear my dear, you should go and face your work seriously it’s almost time to clock out. You have to have that report done before tomorrow.’ Mo Yan sighed helplessly at her friend.
‘Put that aside, Yanyan, this novel I just read is really good. There’s a character with your name, although she’s the villain. Why don’t you relax at home with this book?’ She said playfully handing the book to Mo Yan.
Mo Yan returned home tiredly and took off her uniform. She wearily took a shower. Her skin was as smooth as first-class silk and her body became pink like a fresh peach from the heat of the water. (Zuben: Steady on, there, writer-personage)
After drying her hair, she took the novel Yuyao borrowed her from her bag and began to read. It began with the heroine and her friends going to a high-end hotel to drink. The over indulged and ended up breaking into the male protagonists’ private dining room. She ran, she was chased, and caught, and plundered. There were numerous times of pa-pa-pa-pa, eventually the male love interests decided to share Ye Ling between themselves and she gave birth to many children to inherit the businesses of each male love interest. At last, they were happy together.
Mo Yan, the antagonist, was the fiancée of one of the love interests, Long Aotian. Because of jealousy, she gave the heroine medicine and hired someone to assault the heroine, Ye Ling got help from the male protagonists. After many evil deeds, Mo Yan reaped her evil fruit and was gang raped. Her parents company was taken over and ripped apart by the male protagonists. From the grief, her parents had strokes. (Zuben: Both of them?!) And then Mo Yan finally was driven crazy and she committed suicide by throwing herself from the top of Long Aotian’s company building. (Zuben: Ouch?)
(Zuben: She’s going to be driven crazy either way.)
Mo Yan shook her head helplessly. From the perspective of Ye Ling, it was a happy end. But from the perspective of Mo Yan, it was a bad end. The friendship from childhood to adulthood, was thrown away over a relationship of less than a few months. Mo Yan would never have been able to beat the combined attack of all those powerful men. Still, it was her fault; Mo Yan in the book did not love herself enough, and didn’t think of her family. She only obsessed about a love lost and eventually lost her life.
‘Fortunately, it’s just a novel…’ she said to herself with a tired yawn. She rubbed her eyes and put the book on her bedside table, and went to sleep.
‘Breaking news! An earthquake occurred in the city at 1am this morning, there is large scale damage to a lot of the city’s infrastructure. There may be aftershocks. Citizens are advised to seek appropriate shelter or speak to emergency services…’

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