Mo Yan in the Book 8 - 10

Cover to some other book, but I thought it was fitting for Fang Qianxin

So I am doing this story. Once again, I would like to warn readers, new and not so new, I make running commentary.

8 Bloody Mary

‘Qianxin, you are here!’ Shen Yu waved excitedly at the latest arrival.
‘I’m sorry, I’m late.’ Fang Qianxin said with a cheeky peek of her tongue, which made people unable to blame her.
‘It’s okay, we just started. I’ll get you a drink, and then we can go dancing.’ Li Qizhe said with his ears slightly red, he was infatuated with her charming manner.
‘By the way, Yan-yan, why didn’t you reply to my text? I was worried something had happened to you.’ Qianxin asked with her lips pouting in displeasure.
Instantly, Mo Yan felt a few disapproving stares from the others blaming her for not returning the text message. Shen Yu looked at her in puzzlement,
‘I am sorry Qianxin, I didn’t notice the message. I didn’t mean to worry you.’  Mo Yan replied with a polite apologetic smile.
‘Yan Yan couldn’t have read the message because she was ill at home not too long ago.’ Shen Yu said in her defence, ‘Let’s go and dance.’
‘You guys go,’ Qianxin said, ‘I want to relax and drink first.’
‘Oh, we’ll be back later.’ Li Qizhe said looking reluctant to leave her, but being dragged to the dance floor by his friends.
Qianxin watched her friends (Zuben: Quote-unquote) head to the dance floor and disappear amongst the throng. She smiled with malicious elegance as she opened her bag and took out a red bead. With her sparkle decorated fingers, she twisted the bead and put the contents in a goblet of Bloody Mary on the table.
Mo Yan, before transmigrating, was an ordinary white collar worker. She had no spare time or money to go on nights out partying; she did not have as much dancing stamina as the original.
‘I’ll go back to rest.’ She said to the group after a while.
She headed back to the table.
‘Yan-yan!’ Qianxin said as soon as she sat down, ‘Long Aotian is so thoughtless; he didn’t even accompany you when you were sick.’ Her tone was full of moral indignation as she handed the goblet to Mo Yan.
Mo Yan took a large swig of the Bloody Mary before saying, ‘I’ve decided I am cancelling my engagement with him.’ She stirred the Bloody Mary with a frown on her face.
‘What? Why?’ Qianxin shouted, ‘Didn’t you love him very much? How could you give him up? I still believe he has you in mind.’ Her sudden loudness surprised Mo Yan.
‘I’m tired now,’ she said in comforting tones, ‘after so long. I’m tired of waiting for him.’ Besides she was cancelling the engagement to avoid the tragic fate of the previous soul. But the love for Aotian was strong, and its influence depressed Mo Yan. She drank up the rest of the Bloody Mary. The sweet, sour, bitter and spicy flavours were reminiscent of the former Mo Yan’s love for Long Aotian; it had gone from sweet pure youthful love to sour jealousy and then bitter unrequited love. Finally, she could not stop the hot tears of sorrow.
Looking sightlessly at the dance-floor, she sighed as she placed her drained goblet on the table. She picked up another glass full of drink, preparing to get drunk and forget her sorrow.
But Qianxin stopped her, ‘Don’t drink Yan-yan, you have gone red, go to the bathroom and cool your face.’
Under the influence of alcohol, her face was flushed and she was suddenly hot. Listening to Qianxin, she rose and tottered to the bathroom on her heels.
She was suddenly so dizzy.
She bent over the bathroom sink and splashed cold water on her cheeks, then looked at herself in the mirror. All of a sudden, more memories of the original soul came flooding in. Fang Qianxin was the person behind every dispute between the original soul and Long Aotian. If there was a woman getting close to Long Aotian, Qianxin would be the first to inform Mo Yan. The last time when the former Mo Yan rushed to Long Aotian’s house on impulse, it had been spurred on by Qianxin. She had told Mo Yan to use it as a chance to cultivate their feelings, but what the former Mo Yan saw was a naked Ye Ling in Long Aotian’s bed.

Zuben: I always think of a Bloody Mary as a daytime cocktail.

9 Fang Qianxin

Seeing Mo Yan go, Qianxin drew out her phone and dialled a number, with a soft but gloomy and deep voice unlike her usual tones she said into the handset,
‘The balance has been remitted. Take good care of her.’ She shook her glass and smiled maliciously, under the dim golden light, the alcohol took on a mysterious colour.
After hanging up, she took out the SIM card. She picked up Mo Yan’s bag and walked up to a man standing in the shadows not far off from where she was sitting.
She handed him the bag and SIM card.
‘Deal with it.’ She commanded. The man gave a brisk nod and left. (Zuben: I would like to know the 118 number that that rich ladies in dog-blood stories find shady dudes)
Her family background was not as esteemed as Mo Yan’s, and her parents were more patriarchal. They were of the mindset that their daughter was simply a tool to marry up the social strata, unlike Mo Yan’s parents who treated their daughter like a jewel in their hands.
When Qianxin first saw Long Aotian, she knew that her other half was none other than him. How could she guess that he would get engaged to Mo Yan? (Zuben: He’s shagging another chick permanently, why don’t you hang out with that one? Or turn to the fellow giving you puppy-dog eyes)
Why? Why the hell was it?! Was it because Mo Yan’s family was better than hers? Why did she want to steal Aotian from her?! Imagining Mo Yan standing beside Aotian in the light and in good standing, made the jealousy and anger boil within her. So, she deliberately incited Mo Yan, telling her about his girlfriends. That way, she could use Mo Yan to remove the women without expending any effort.
Yet, who would predict that now Mo Yan wanted to end her engagement with him?
Good, she would “help” Mo Yan create a reason for Long Aotian to dump her. If she became a ruined woman, then the Long family will cancel the engagement due to her ruined reputation and to preserve theirs. (Zuben: And this elaborate plan of drugs and rape was concocted within seconds of being told she was breaking it off or before?)
When Qianxin returned to their booth, the others had come back from dancing.
‘Eh, Qianxin, where’s Yan-yan?’ Shen Yu asked, she was a bit drunk now and her eyes were misty. She was sitting beside Lin Yifeng and his hand was tightly around her waist. He seemed to be afraid that the woman beside him will fall down. (Zuben: That’s a bit quick, innit?)
‘Yan-yan said she wanted to go home and rest after drinking too much. I took her to the limo. Don’t worry; she said she would call me when she gets home.’ Fang Qianxin said with a smile as she took a seat.
‘Oh! Okay.’ Shen Yu replied, remembering their close relationship. She put down her phone and picked up another glass of wine from the table.
‘Stop drinking, darling,’ Lin Yifeng said stopping her from reaching for the wine, (Zuben: Totally taking advantage of the drunken woman), ‘I’ll take you home. We can meet up with Yan-yan another time.’ He gathered the dainty girl in his arms and turned to the others, nodding his head, he signalled he was leaving with Shen Yu.
‘I’m tired too. I’ll head off first. Goodnight all, see you all soon.’ Qianxin said with a smile and a nod, before picking up her handbag and strutting to the lift. She stepped into the lift and took one last look at the door to the toilets and smiled maliciously.
The other “gods” and “goddesses” decided to call it a night as well, and left the club. (Zuben: I suppose they are malicious and capricious like the gods and goddesses of yore)

It was so hot. Her body was on fire.
She kept splashing cold water but she found she could not quell the heat in her body. She shook her head to blow away the drowsiness, and opened and closed her eyes. She clenched her teeth and frowned.
Her heart felt tight, and a sense of foreboding settled on her. She had been drugged, but when…? Qianxin had handed her the Bloody Mary.
But the original soul and Qianxin were close…yet, those memories…
Need to call Mom and Dad…phone…? Where is my bag…?
She looked around anxiously; she suddenly remembered she had left it at their booth. Her feeble hand tightly pinched her thigh, her minded cleared with the pain. While the drug was still not yet absorbed, she had to go. She opened the door to the bathroom, planning to rush to Shen Yu for help, when she bumped into a solid but warm wall.
It was a man.

10 Girlfriend and More

At the door of the resplendent bathroom, a man and woman were in a tug of war. The woman didn’t look right, her eyes were hooded and her face was flushed.
‘Who are you?! Let go…Let go of me…’ The delicate woman protested. But she was powerless against the man’s grip on her.
‘She’s my girlfriend.’ He told the onlookers, ‘We quarrelled today. Now she’s drunk and saying we don’t know each other. I’ll take her to rest, sorry to disturb you.’ He gave an apologetic smile and lifted Mo Yan’s weakened body into his arms, and held her head tightly against his shoulder with his big hand. From a distance, it did look like a couple quarrelling.
‘No…save…m-’ She was about to shout but his hand covered her mouth so she couldn’t speak out.
Looking helplessly at the people around her, her eyes could not help but tear up, but she was dragged upstairs by the man.
‘Well, well, I can’t believe it’s a beauty. I’m blessed tonight…’ he crooned when he got her into the lift. He drew his nails along her pale face, his obscene leer was abomination.
The lift chimed when they reached the man’s floor and the doors slid open.
Summoning the rest of her waning strength she pushed him off her, and she kicked him between his legs,
‘Ah Fuck! Bitch!’ he exclaimed doubling over.
She pushed him out of the elevator and quickly pressed any floor and the close door button frantically. The doors slid closed taking her god knew where, but she could not relax, she bit into her lip and her fingernails dug into her hand. She was afraid if she should relax, she would fall into a hellish abyss.
The man reared back in a strange posture as he shouted, ‘Bitch, if I catch you, I will kill you!’ (Zuben: How melodramatic!) He recovered and quickly looked at the display to see where the lift was stopped, and took the second one.
Mo Yan staggered out of the elevator when the door opened. The floor she had ended up was different from the lay out downstairs. But she was too dazed to think, she was hoping to find an empty room to hide.
‘Bitch, where are you?!’ she heard the man roar up the lift shafts. Mo Yan shook and regained strength, she desperately ran, trying doors left and right. The gradual spread of the drug made her lose her inhibitions, more eager to be touched. Pushing through with her willpower, she finally found a door open at the end of the floor.

The VIP room at the top floor of the Palace was cast in a golden glow. The room covered the two-thirds of the floor and had catered to everything. Rows of drink cabinets were against on wall. In the middle were five high grade quilted leather sofas. There was a billiard table and other amenities. Five men occupied the room, each of them very handsome, dressed in clothes that showed off their perfect lines. Two played at the billiard table, while the others sat in the sofas drinking and talking.
There was a click as the door to their room opened and a slim woman appeared, dressed in a red cheongsam. As soon as the door closed behind her, she slid powerlessly down to the Persian rug. Her face was flushed, she was panting. Because of how she sat, the skirt of her cheongsam parted to reveal her long white legs, her small feet were wrapped in white high heels. There was a little blood, against her heels which had been caused by abrasions from running. It was shocking against her pale skin.

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