Do Not Reconcile

Are these "Handsome Guy" Collectable Cards?

Moving on from the Japanese dud, we have "Do Not Reconcile or Let's not meet again"; about a girl whose boyfriend dumps her heartlessly just before they graduate high school, and five years later, he wants her back.

I will make sure I find a text version and download it for safe keepin. Just in case, we have an...artist breakdown.

Running commentary. Running commentary. Running commentary. Shi ke nan.


When she saw Huo Mu again, it was in her bridal shop. When Jin Guanguan watched him trying wedding clothes with his fiancée; her heart felt hurt. She remembered the year they fell in love in high school and how he used to manipulate her body, and the orgasms she felt with him.
She was caught in a dressing room, fondled and he stole her thong. Outside his fiancée was trying out clothes but inside he had his hand in her hole, watching her come.
He had been a poor school grass who caught the eye of a rich young miss in high school. They got together after lots of ups and downs and played all day.
After many years, he worked hard to start from scratch – he was rich now, but he could never forget her.

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