Mo Yan in the Book 16 - 20 (H, 3P)

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16 All for you:

‘What a babe, I really want to fuck her.’ Ye Hanyu said as he pulled out his fingers from her throat and licked the honey like saliva on his fingers. His sexy evil smile made a person unable to argue.
‘Yes, hnn~ fucked for so long still so tight.’ Muchen said as he spanked her, ‘so baby likes to be spanked, uhn~’ With a wicked smile on his face, he slapped her butt with his large hand. A bright red palm print appeared on her tender white skin. Everytime he slapped her, her honey acupoint clenched his root, and her insides wrapped around him drawing him deeper. He was brimming with lust for the woman underneath him.
‘No~ I don’t~’ she sobbed trying to deny her body’s reaction to the pain.
Muchen laughed mockingly, ‘You can’t deny it, the little mouth above is dishonest, but the little mouth below is very honest…ha~ ha~ it seems you need to do something to know whether you like it.’
He flipped Mo Yan around and pushed her legs up to her shoulders, and forcefully pushed into her. As he thrust, he pulled at her sparse pubic hair, he could heel her sensitive flower hole tightening and sucking, making him want to be deeper and deeper inside her.
Muchen pressed against the small urethral opening under the flower base, (Zuben: How does he know where it is?!)
Mo Yan panicked and tried to fight against him, ‘Ah! Don’t press there…let me go…please.’ She wept.
Hanyu grabbed the flailing hands and held them behind her head against the sofa. Her skin like lanolin was slightly red, her bare delicate body was spread out before them men, but she could not put up an effective resistance, she could only submit to them playing with her. Her eyes were closes as tears fell, and she begged for a reprieve.
‘So much love juice, are you trying to drown me?’ Muchen asked, smiling at her weak struggles. He pushed into her depths and rubbed her palace entry with his large glans. Her honey pot continued to spew out sweet dew under his teasing, allowing him to work on in her tight flower path even harder. (Zuben: She may just have peed)
‘It’s enough…stop! Don’t move anymore…please! Don’t! Stop…ahn~’ She hoped they would let her rest.
‘Don’t stop? I didn’t think my baby was so passionate. Well…uhn…all for you. Open your mouth a little wider.’ Muchen teased. He pulled apart her petals to open up a little space, and stabbed the male root hard with his waist as though he wanted them to meld together. He was enjoying her body and the tightness of her little hole. (Zuben: His large mouth above is dishonest then)
‘No…ah~ too much~ don’t plug in…~ hah~ don’t…’ Mo Yan wept helplessly. Her hands were tightly held by the man sitting above her, she couldn’t break away. The man inside her continued to thrust away and her body was reaching the limit.
‘Hah~ ahn~ Ah!’ she cried as a strong feeling of pleasure overcame her. The orgasm made Mo Yan’s brain blank. Her pussy convulsed, constantly twisting and dragging the male organ deeper and deeper.
‘Hnn~ All for you. Eat it…’ Muchen could feel her orgasm building. He picked up her legs and continued to move within her - his thrusts increasing in ferocity. He could feel that the deep opening was about to bloom because of the building climax. He took the opportunity to breach the opening into her womb pushing up to inner wall, and released his long held white stuff. Her flower palace bathed the man body in warm spring fluid, and he enjoyed the feeling of their fluids mixing the in the tight space. He could see her lower abdomen was slightly raised. (Zuben: Riiiight)

17 Little Mouth is Greedy:

‘This little mouth is greedy…still the same after all this time.’ He groaned as he pulled out of her. His cock was slick with their body fluids. He grinned maliciously as he pressed Mo Yan’s slight bulge. Her vagina opened and the cocktail of their body fluids spewed out. He pushed his index and middle fingers into her, aiming directly for the entrance of the palace as his thumb pressed against the red and swollen flower bud, hard. As he scraped at the sensitive tip, he could feel her insides twist around his fingers.
He kneaded her breast with his hands, and the kissed her lips to induce her to relax while his fingers scraped at the entrance of her flower palace.
Her cervix could not stop his aggression, her body allowed him to pry open the small opening of her cervix and allowed him to play.
Mo Yan stiffed beneath him.
His long fingers twisted as his black eyes flashed with triumphant lust, and he vigorously plundered the flower palace.
She couldn’t resist his unceasing teasing; her flower cave spurted out a lot of love juice as well as the turbid fluid the two men had shot into her palace. (Zuben: Was this a deluge or a torrent or a slow seep?)
Mo Yan moaned and sobbed; her body was now spent from the multiple orgasms.
Just as she was about to pass out, Situ Yi came over with a pill he took from a box in the room. (Zuben: Why is this pill there?) He dropped it in a glass of red wine stirred gently. After a little sip, he held Mo Yan’s head up and kissed her feeding her the wine.
Mo Yan tried to turn away, protesting but he continued to feed her the mixture until it was finished.
‘What’s this?’ Gong Qiye asked Situ Yi with a raised eyebrow.
‘A pill to replenish physical energy, she won’t faint so easily,’ Yi replied, ‘And it has a little bit of an aphrodisiac effect, it has no negative effects but her body will become more sensitive.’ (Zuben: Convenient, Mr Cure or Kill Anything that can’t cure himself of the effects of fancy drugs)
He put aside the glass, and caught Mo Yan’s porcelain chin. He ran a finger down her face, waiting for the drug to start working.
Hearing Yi say that the body would become more sensitive, the men stared at the woman’s sheep fat jade skin like hungry jackals. (Zuben: What? You’ve never used it before?)
Within minutes, Mo Yan’s body grew pink, and she began to writhe on the leather sofa. Her snow-white skin was particularly eye catching against the dark sofa. Her eyes were blinded by tears as she began to sob. With the feeling now suffusing her body, she began to caress herself.
The men hungrily stared at her; their eyes full of lust.
‘Help me, ahn~’ she cried as she squeezed her breasts with her little hands, ‘Give me…~’ (Zuben: How little are these hands)
She could not resist the need in her body, she could only look in beseeching at the men watching her.
‘Yi, your turn.’ Hanyu said watching her red swollen petals become slick with liquid. His eyes narrowed and he smiled like a fox (Zuben: Drink!) He licked a drop of red wine at the edge of his glass.
Yi pulled Mo Yan so she was straddling his strong thighs. Parting her tights wide, he could see the beautiful petals drip with nectar, as though they were inviting him to kiss them. He stroked the petals gently before breaching her womanhood, staring at her response. As she indulged in the lust, he pushed into slowly her enjoying the feel of her intimate muscles around him. Her body around him like a strong tight kiss.

18 Move Yourself:

‘Ahn~ so full, so big~ move quickly…give me.’ Mo Yan ordered coquettishly staring at the androgynous face before her. If she knew who he truly was, she would be frightened. No family dared provoke these men. Anyone who offended would life a miserable life.
Yi’s eyes narrowed dangerously. He held her waist with one hand, and ran the other hand up and down her beautiful back. With a strong push, he thrust deep into her straight to her flower palace. Mo Yan moaned.
He didn’t forget to twist the red berries jiggling in front of him. His lips were close to her chest, and from time to time, he sucked on her nipples.
As he began to thrust in earnest, Mo Yan could only weakly hold on to his shirt. Climax came quickly, Mo Yan’s screams and moans became even more alluring. Suddenly he stopped and closed his eyes, frowning, he was caught between pain and pleasure she was inducing within him. He savoured the sensation of the sucking pussy.
Under the influence of the medicine, Mo Yan became a slave of lust, ‘Ahn~’ she sobbed, ‘More~ I want~’ She looked at Yi petulantly.
He stared at the delicate face, he wanted to kiss those tempting lips. He followed his desires and ravaged her full lips with his; sucking on the charming lips that were like cherries. He plunged his tongue into mouth, taking over the aroma of her mouth.
She was dizzy from the kiss, the man seemed to be taking all of her oxygen. She panted as she held onto him tightly with her slender hands, which were small and lovely. (Zuben: Very important thing to note there) Her clenched fists relaxed and were placed against his chest. He kept sucking on her cherry lips then pulled away.
She stared at him misty eyed.
‘If you want more,’ he said to her, ‘do it yourself…~’ He took in her flushed cheeks, as he teased her by only slowly rubbing his root against her soft walls and kneading the red berries.
‘Uh~.’ Mo Yan moaned, biting her lips and frowning. She looked at him pitifully with cuteness, her arms lay powerlessly against him. (Zuben: Let’s be real here, the person who did the drugging better be doing the working)
‘Like this…’ he whispered in her ear as he pushed up and down deliberately, ‘move yourself.’
Mo Yan trembled as she felt the hands on her waist were getting hotter. She enjoyed his movements, immersing herself in lust. When he stopped moving, he had a teasing laugh on his face,
‘Bad man…~’ she said when she realised he’d stopped moving. She braced herself on his shoulders and began to twist her slender waist.
‘Ah~ uhn~ feels so good. Mmm~ ah~’ she moaned. She leveraged her body on her knees and rode his thick long cock, reaching the palace gate again, but she could see that there was still a section not inside her yet.
The flame of lust burned in his black eyes as he watched her rise up and down, but he had no intention to help. (Zuben: Is he trying to convince himself that she wants him of her own volition?)
‘Ah…please, move. Too big…help me…please…’ her voice was full of sorrow. Her starry eyes looked pleadingly at the androgynous face. She looked foolish but was absolutely alluring.
‘Alright, but no matter how you cry for mercy I won’t stop.’ He said, his tone was indifferent but his smile was vicious as he grabbed her waist and forced her down unto him. His penis pushed into her deepest place.

19 Who do you want to seduce (3P):

3P because someone could not hold out for his turn. 3P is not something I even imagined I would be writing.
As he began to thrust like a jack-hammer, Mo Yan screamed for mercy, ‘Ahhh~ too much! Stop ahn~ too much~’
Pleasure and pain were generated in from her vagina around her body. But the sound of her begging only hardened men’s hearts. But who were these people? She wondered, but she could not ask.
‘I just told you, I won’t stop even if you beg. So why are you crying now! Swallow more! Eat more! You little mouth is telling me it’s hungry.’ His usually cold manner had vanished in a blaze of lust. He grabbed her tender thighs in his strong hands and he kept pushing up his meat-stick into her flower palace. The drug’s effects made the small pussy continuously flow out a stream of honey, allowing his thick meat stick easy movement.
The golden rose hair pin within her hair could not bear the unrestrained sex and it fell from her hair. Her black hair cascaded down her body like water fall, covering her back and chest. A few tendrils tickled Yi’s arms.
‘Oh~ please~ slow down…my body will…break~’
She was beginning to perspire, and her silken hair stuck to her cheeks and bright red lips from the violent movements.
Mu Zeyuan came up to the two. He drew the hair off her lips and stroked her face with one hand turning her to look into his green eyes. He pried open her lips and teeth, toying with her. He took in the woman indulging in lust under the influence of drugs, and his emerald eyes suddenly turned dark green, revealing deep passion.
‘Stop for a minute.’ He said.
‘Ah…!’ Zeyuan opened her mouth and at the same time stuffed his dick into her mouth. Mo Yan had no time to reach, his strength had been shoved into her mouth and down her throat.
The strong male musk made Mo Yan want to revel in it. His large avatar filled her mouth, she unconsciously sucked on it. Her hand weakly gripped the man’s shirt. Her little mouth below was constantly thrust into by the other man reaching the wall of the palace. The man in front of her sent his meat stick down her throat. Mo Yan was feeling a thrill from the actions of both men, she let them tease her.
Her eyes were full of tears, and because of the stimulation of the huge foreign body in her mouth, she was drooling.
‘That’s right…suck it, spit it…breathe through your nose…really talented.’ He said his green eyes gleaming from behind his glasses. He pulled her hands away from the stem of his cock and slowly pushed her to swallow the rest of him.
‘Damn…a real succubus…’ Zeyuan groaned.
The woman was immersed in sex, she sucked enthusiastically on his male root and saliva ran from the corner of her mouth down her porcelain skin and dripped onto the expensive rug. The obscenity stirred the men who were watching. Zeyuan held the back of her head, guiding his cock in and out of her wet mouth.
Yi and Zeyuan moved in tacit understanding, when one pushed the other pulled; Mo Yan could only submit to their tricks.
‘Baby, eat more…just wait for me to feed your lower mouth too.’ Zeyuan said pinching her cheeks together.
Mo Yan could not control the fires, she wrapped her soft tongue around the male root, sometimes sucking sometimes licking, sometime nibbling gently with her teeth. She ran her hands down his body and caressed his jade bags. (Zuben: Jade. Bags. People we have jade bags over here. Let’s get our hammers and crack it!)
‘Eat slowly…don’t worry…’ Zeyuan said looking down at the red swollen mouth expanded by his hard male root. Tearful eyes looked up at him; innocent, affectionate and enchanting. He smiled down at her.
‘Damn, who is baby trying to seduce?’ Zeyuan narrowed his eyes, his voice was gravelly, and his beautiful face was full of desire, which made him eviller. (Zuben: Evil ++++)

20 Not being good:

She was panting. Her eyes were misty as she looked up at the man with his dick in her mouth; it filled her mouth. Saliva kept pouring out, in order to avoid dripping over the carpet, she could only suck on the meat and swallow it.
‘Uhn~ what a talented mouth. Open your mouth more…’ Mu Zeyuan said as he began to thrust down her delicate throat. He was enjoying the feeling of her mouth, the way she licked and sucked, and the pressure of her throat. He really wanted to fuck up her small mouth.
‘Hnn…’ The man’s musk had filled her head from her nose. His root thrust in and out of her mouth constantly hitting the top and bottom of her mouth. (Zuben: whatever that is)
Two palms squeezed the snow-white breasts and the red swollen pearl as well. The pleasure came over her continuously in waves. The crisp numbness spread from the back of her brain to her whole body. She tried to struggle, wanting to keep her delicate body outside of the control of the men. Her hands tugged at the man’s shirt, trying to fight the numb and itchy pleasure. She tried to push away the large hands that fondled her, but the two men would not let her go.
‘Not being good, hmm…’ Ye Hanyu caught her slender arms and held them behind her waist. He yanked off the iron grey tie around his neck and tied her up with it. Although, it was lightly loose so he could not hurt her skin, she could not easily break away.
‘No! Ahn~…’ The way he tied her up made her arch her back so her perky breast were presented to the man she was sitting on. At the same time, Zeyuan had her head turned to him as he continued to shove his dick between her cherry lips. Her dense lashes were wet with crystal tears.
Her inner walls kept sucking him in, Yi couldn’t stand the tightness and he stabbed into the bud in the vault of the flower hole. Without her hands hindering him, he was reckless with his sex.
The glans suddenly touched the little bump deep in the flower cave, her willow waist jerked and Mo Yan gasped looking in horror at Zeyuan with his dick in her mouth.
‘’Yi…that it, fuck her hard there…’ Zeyuan with a chuckle as he caressed her cheek.
Situ Yi’s face was full of malicious glee as he grabbed her slender waist and operated his crotch mercilessly. The head of the cock hit the convex point accurately each strike, and he could feel her flower path spasm crazily around him. No matter how much she struggled, he hit the point and attacked it severely.
Her body was rocking and shivering, the thrill of terror and pleasure running though her. She wanted to beg for release as the man pumped into her. She struggled with her waist and legs but it only aggravated the small acupoint and made the thick meat stick enter deeper, (Zuben: The tree of infinity) With her hands tied behind her back, she could only submit to the men. Her body was forced to stronger pleasures, and her tender meat tightly surrounded his meat stick, continuously seeping nectar from their intersection.
‘So lewd,’ Yi groaned in pleasure and discomfort as her inner muscles twisted and tightened around him, ‘I’ll give you some first…’
He parted her thigh and fingered the flower that was widened to it’s limit. He continued to attack the convex point, (Zuben: whatever that is), feeling the spasm and sucking on her love tunnel. Her body was stiffening, and he could tell that she was reaching her limit. His ingress and egress grew fiercer than before, and his two jade bags slapped her soft arse. (Zuben: to be slapped by jade…jade comes in many colours – what kind of jade?)
He could feel the moment she reached her peak, but he did not relent; he kept thrusting at the flower point, bumping the convex point and his long finger still teasing her petals.
‘Ah~ Ah~ Uhn~…’ she cried. After climax, her body became more sensitive.
Unexpectedly, the men continued to play with her body. (Zuben: I don’t understand how it is unexpected at this point) Pleasure burst through her body and her hole kept pouring out juice, and twisting madly around the male stem. The men’s passions were high, and the continued to shove their cocks into the depths of the two small mouths.
Suddenly, strong male juice was sprayed into the depths of her body. She arched her back, without any supporting force, after intense spasms, she collapsed into the arms of the man she was sitting on like mud.

Zuben: 3P! Who would have thought it eh?

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    1. I did think that, then I wondered why this writer person couldn't just say what it was, just had to use a needless euphemism.

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    2. Scene:

      Zuben is staring out their office window in deep, solemn contemplation. The mid-afternoon sun shines through the open blinds. It’s November. The air outside is chilly, but their office is warm and comfortable.

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      Zuben types their thoughts down on the translations they are working on. Later, they click post.

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  11. I'm a bit tsundere so even though I'm about to start complaining I'm enjoying myself immensely. Complaining just heightens my fun.

    I was actually enjoying CEO Schwarzenegger’s sort-of sexy dialogue and spanking until I accidentally remembered what bodybuilders actually look like.

    WAIT why is he pressing her urethral opening?!! CEO Schwarzenegger EXPLAIN?!

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    Wait wait wait she’s able to have CEO Stretchzenegger reach her cervix no problem, but Dr. Useless keeps pounding away and finding more room in there to go deeper and deeper? I already questioned if the guys were humans, but are we sure she’s also human?! Because it kind of sounds like she’s got some sort of cosmic horror show going on down there.

    1. I know, I have all these thoughts too! Is this something they usually do? And small hands, small mouths, small faces - are we supposed to imagine a child like apprearance. They do get smaller the more they are mentioned in my imagination. And I take a lot of those nonsense adjectives out, there are too many of them. CEO Stretchnegger and his cohorts all have sexy long fingers to compare to her small hands. They have long everythings, they may as well be Naga.

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