Mo Yan in the Book 51 - 55 (h)

51 True love is spoiled: 

‘Baby. Yan-yan. Wake-up. Don’t sleep too much.’ A gentle voice called. Mo Yan blearily opened her eyes to see her mother, and she embraced her by the waist and buried her head in her arms,
‘True love is spoiled. Come on darling, wash up and get dressed. We’re having breakfast with the head of the Xiao family. I will head down first.’
The words caused Mo Yan to pale instantly, worried that her mother would notice, she lowered her head looking like she was embarrassed.
After her mother left, she dragged her still tired body out of bed to the shower. As she enjoyed the hot water streaming down her body, she suddenly remembered the onslaught the night before and fearfully checked if there was any bruising on her body. After she was sure there was none, she finished washing and changed into the clothes that Meng Xin had laid out for her.
She left the room and headed for the stairs. Before she came down, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath to give herself mental strength, and then descended.
She was wearing a lovely white dress that outlined her enchanting body. The dress was embellished with a few scattered pearls that made her lanolin skin look even whiter. (Zuben: On the west of the Bosporus, people would ask ‘Are you ill?’ East of the Bosporus, ‘More spray white! More!’) Her long leg and delicate feet clad in white kitten heeled shoes, and her bare charming face attracted the eyes. (Zuben: Where did the change of clothes come from?)
Five pairs of greedy eyes covertly watched Mo Yan’s descent. Mo Yan saw then, shivered, and calmed herself. Her expression was angry, but she rushed up to her parents,
‘Mom. Dad,’ and nestled in her mother’s arms. Her familiar warmth and scent calmed her agitation.
Suddenly, the temperature in the room dropped and Meng Xin looked at their hosts, before releasing Mo Yan, ‘Don’t be spoiled.’
Looking like a wild animal was chasing her, seeing Mo Yan run to Meng Xin’s bosom filled the men with intense unhappiness and bitterness. (Zuben: So, testicles for brains are jealous of the mother, not even dad – who is sexy by all accounts)
When Meng Xin glanced at them, they changed their expression to a more solicitous mien.
Mo Yan sat beside Meng Xin.
Xiao Muchen and Mo Yuhao sat across each other at the table. The other men sat around. The table was laden with colourful food, and the guests began to eat.
After their breakfast, and the table was cleared by the servants, Muchen steepled his fingers and said to Mo Yuhao,
‘Mr Mo, we should finalise our plans of working together. Shall we make an appointment soon?’ Muchen’s eyes were full of haughtiness and precision. His tone was cold and calculating, ‘By the way, it’s like to introduce my friends; Gong Qiye, Mu Zeyuan, Situ Yu and Ye Hanyu. If you have any unsolvable problem, you can see them.’ (Zuben: Why would haughty first level Richie Richs help lowly second levels?)
‘Understood, thank you very much for your consideration.’ Mo Yuhao said nodding. The man before him is only about 30 years old, but his momentum was not inferior to himself, he may even surpass Yuhao. He could tell the younger man’s friends would not be people that could be provoked either. Although he wanted to counter with his own defiance, Mo Yuhao felt that he should be on guard with them.
Then Mo Yan spoke, nervously breaking the awkward silence that fell with her beautiful voice, ‘Dad, I would like to start working.’
Her glimmering shell-like teeth worked her cherry blossom petal lips, with a pleading look in her eyes. (Zuben: Obviously, they didn’t teach you time and place to bring up shite)
‘Really?’ Yuhao asked in surprise, he was pleased to hear that his daughter wanted to start working and learning the ropes, ‘but why do you suddenly want to do this? (Zuben: And is the breakfast table of a place we are visiting the appropriate place for this discussion? Is what my mother’s gaze would say)
‘I believe I should understand the workings of the company before I can help you directly. But that being said, I don’t want to work in your company. I think that no one would dare let me work or learn because I am your daughter, so I can’t hone myself.’ Mo Yan said resolutely. Mo Yuhao was unable to refute.
‘In that case, you can intern in my company.’ (Zuben: Interning under my desk or on top) Xiao Muchen said, his thin lips were stained with a little red wine, under the lighting, appeared extremely seductive. (Zuben: Early mo-mo drinking – alcoholics)
Mo Yuhao sighed and agreed, ‘Alright, but please don’t bother Mr Xiao.’
‘I won’t. And… I also want to move out from home during my internship.’ She said with a brilliant smile at her parents who didn’t know whether to laugh or be angry, ‘I think as a grown woman I should try to be independent.’
‘Then Mother will help you find a nice place to live.’ Meng Xin said caressing her hair.
‘Yi has an apartment that he’s not using close to my company. She can stay there. The security measures are excellent, you won’t have to worry about her safety.’ Xiao Muchen said interjected. (Zuben: The security obviously would not keep out the true riff-raff.)
Mo Yuhao and Meng Xin were surprised, but also suddenly wary of their generosity. (Zuben: Specially since it’s the home of a single man.)
‘After all, we are going to be working together. We are recruiting interns; it would be good for her too see things from all angles. Besides her safety is important to you, isn’t it? Staying at Yi’s apartment would ensure that.’ Muchen said in a nonchalant tone.
His words were enough to dispel the doubts Yuhao and Meng Xin had, they nodded. (Zuben: Oh FFS!)
‘Very well, thank you Mr Xiao and Mr Yi. We spoil our little girl, please take care of her.’ Her father said. (Zuben: They’ll take care of her very well)
Xiao Muchen stared at Mo Yan, before turning back to her father, ‘Don’t worry.’ Punctuating his words with a solicitous and elegant smile.
His bearing was elegant and noble drawing Mo Yan’s gaze.
‘Thank you very much Mr Xiao.’

52 New Home:

The security guards patrolled every three to five hours around the luxurious apartment building that exuded an aura of wealth.
‘This card is used to get in and out.’ Gong Qiye said handing her the electronic card before pressing the lift button for the penthouse.
Listening to Mr Gong’s explanation of the building’s environment and facilities, Meng Xin could not help but nod in satisfaction in her heart. The lift doors opened to reveal only one door on the whole floor. (Zuben: Not why is the owner of the apartment not showing you around but his friend?)
Qiye led them into a vast apartment, already decorated. As he showed them around, they came to a lift in the apartment,
‘What is this?’ Mo Yan asked.
‘There is a landing pad and hangar on the roof. It’s not in use right now.’ He replied nonchalantly. His dismissive tone made Mo Yan wary, from his attitude one could see he was no ordinary general. Though it wasn’t beyond their family finances to own their own aircrafts, but there was so much bureaucratic red tape to fly. (Zuben: He’s batman)
At the end of the tour, Qiye said, ‘If you have any more questions, you can contact me. I’ll be going.’ With a brusque nod at the family, he left.
Once the door clicked shut, Meng Xin turned to her daughter, ‘Yan-yan, do you know Mr Xiao and Mr Gong well?’ she asked with a worried frown. (Zuben: You delivered her to the lion’s den, now you’re worried?)
‘Not at all.’ Mo Yan replied scratching her cheek.
‘Hm. Although the gentlemen seem helpful, don’t get close to them. They aren’t what they seem.’ Meng Xin said smiling at her charming daughter.
But it was too late. Since that day; It was too late. She didn’t know what could be done, but she could only hope they tired of her quickly.
‘Baby, when you’re tired you come home alright? Mom and Dad will always support you.’ Her father said.
Emotion welled in Mo Yan’s heart, she could not help but hug her father and mother, while firming her resolve.
The bathroom was cloudy with steam. Mo Yan walked barefoot across the tiles and got into the hot tub. Her face was soon flush and sweat began to seep out of her pores in beads down her slender neck into the water.
When she was done bathing, she wrapped a towel around her and went back to the bedroom to find Qiye, whom she assumed had left, sitting on the big bed. He had taken off his military jacket and his shirt was open at the collar revealing his tanned sexy clavicle. His fierce phoenix eyes under his thick eyelashes stared at her not hiding his desire for her.
‘What are you doing here?’ she asked. She was tired.
The short white towel could not cover the enchanting body. Her hair was damp and dripping water down her neck and past her breasts hidden under the towel. Her pale skin was pink from the bath, and her full breasts looked as though they were going to burst from the towel. (Zuben: I’m sure that football field bathroom would have bigger towels, so no one’s fault but her own)
‘I live here.’ Answering the frightened girl natural. He rose with a smile and gathered her delicate body into his arms. Her fragrance from bathing filled his senses. Ignoring her feeble struggles, he dipped his head to bit the sensitive skin at the crook of her shoulder. Mo Yan stopped struggling, once she stopped, he stopped biting her and licked the marks he left.
‘No~ stop. I don’t~ Do you have the password and fingerprint?’ Mo Yan could not break away from his grip. The small towel had not been able to conceal her body, and in her struggles, it was slipping off exposing her body. His dark eyes glimmered at her revealed body.
He chuckled, ‘I forgot to mention my data remains in the system.’ His deep voice reverberated in her eyes, while his chest vibrated against her with his laugh.
‘That’s despicable.’ Mo Yan said looking up at him.
‘You’re such a silly girl.’ He said before sucking on her small delicate ears. He smiled in satisfaction when he felt her tremble.
‘No~ I don’t want this.’ She cried. The thought of lying under him and groaning made her feel fear and shame. She suddenly started crying, and hit his hard arm.
‘Come now, don’t cry. I won’t touch you.’ He said with an almost indiscernible trace of doting, before picking up the quilt and wrapping it around her nearly naked body and sat her down on the bed. He went to get the hair dryer and began to dry her hair, fearing she would catch a cold. (Zuben: fifty chapters in and I am still so very baffled by the ‘doting’. It feels like a band-aid on an open wound.)
Aware of her uneasiness and attempt at resistance, he told her, ‘Don’t move unless you want me all over you.’
She stopped, her body stiff, not daring to move.
His rough hands felt strange against her hair and skin. It was like a gentle feather tickling her heat. With the hot air being gently blown across her skin and the tiredness of the day, Mo Yan dropped her head and dozed off.
Seeing her tension flow away, Qiye realised she was asleep. He tucked her into bed and went to the bathroom.
Out of the steam, his strong body appeared. Drops of water flowed down his chest, prominent abdominal muscles and thighs. (Zuben: There must be a dry ice machine in the bathroom) His angular face was beautiful in the half light. He sauntered up to the bed, and slid under the covers, pulling Mo Yan into his arms. He sniffed her fragrance and felt like his heart was refreshed. He was able to fall asleep.

 53 Really Cruel:

The morning sunshine shone into the opulent bedroom making everything glitter. Qiye opened his eyes and looked down the woman in his arms. He ran his slender fingers across Mo Yan’s lovely sleeping face. He felt an inexplicable peace. (Zuben: Why don’t you all pile into bed with her and feel inexplicable peace together)
There was a sound outside of the room, Qiye rolled out of bed and grabbed a bathrobe to wear. (Zuben: Da fuq? You’re shy?! I thought you were soldier boy; don’t you share locker rooms?)
Xiao Muchen entered, ‘Mo Yan isn’t up yet?’ he asked with a raised eyebrow.
Qiye sauntered to the bathroom as he replied, ‘No, you should wake her up.’
She pillowed her head on her hand, which left a cute red imprint on her cheek. Muchen was reluctant to wake her up. (Zuben: Once the office lady farce is over, you can leave her to sleep as long as she likes)
‘Mo Yan, it’s time to get up,’ he called, ‘did you say you wanted to go to work.’
Mo Yan’s eyelids fluttered and she slowly opened her eyes. She stared at him vague not recognising him, before rising exposing her naked body. Her actions were unconscious and he could not help the desire to kiss her. Looking at her bare body, there were no bruises. The bathroom door opened and Qiye returned to the room, Muchen stared at him in surprised askance.
‘How could you just go to sleep?’
As if he could hear his friend’s question, Qiye wore a teasing smile.
Mo Yan woke up fully, and quickly wrapped the quilt around her body.
‘I would like to get dressed. Would you leave?’ she said.
‘It’s not like we haven’t seen your body before.’ Qiye said wiping the water off his muscular body.
When she realised they weren’t going to leave, she pulled the quilt with her. Using the quilt to cover her body, she put on her clothes. Feeling their heated gazed behind her, she dressed quickly.
Her slim fitting suit outlined her graceful lines. Her white legs looked longer when she put on her high heel shoes. She applied a vermillion lip gloss and a little face powder making her look delicate. Muchen and Qiye were unhappy; they didn’t want anyone to see their beautiful girl.
‘Let’s go.’ She said to Muchen.
‘How cruel, where is my farewell kiss?’ Qiye protested, getting in her way. He put his arms around her drawing her close. He was close to 190cm tall, towering over Mo Yan who was in high heels. She still needed to stand on tip toes to peck his lips. But Qiye took advantage and thrust his tongue into her mouth for a deeper kiss, indulgently tasting her. She became limp in his arms. When he was satisfied, he handed her off to Muchen with a wicked smile as he wiped the lipstick transposed on his lips. The sexy evil action is thrilling. (Zuben: Once again; to whom? Muchen? Dazed and confused Mo Yan? The reader?)
He held her as they went done the lift to the car park. He sat her in the passenger seat, and looked at her lips now swollen from kissing and Muchen rubbed the full bottom lip with his thumb before leading down to kiss her, carefully tracing the contour of her lips. Soon Mo Yan was panting. Feeling accomplished, he pulled fastened her seatbelt, and then his, before carefully driving to his company.
After recovering, Mo Yan reapplied her make-up and tidied her hair. When they arrived, she followed Muchen to the executive lift. Along the way, she received many surprised glances and looks of envy. They took the lift to the top floor, past widely spaced work desks, to his office.
His office was decorated in a simple yet elegant manner. Although there was an incongruous desk and chair ruining the office’s flow.
‘From now on you’ll be my secretary. This is your desk. You only listen to me. Do not mind anyone else.’
As she was about to express her dissatisfaction, Muchen cut her off, ‘This is the only position available. Nothing else.’ (Zuben: It’s only temporary)
Just then a young man walked into the office, ‘Jason, give her the data from yesterday’s meeting to process.’
Though he was shocked, Jason kept his expression neutral as he replied, ‘Yes.’
In the time he had worked for Xiao Muchen, he had never brought a woman to the office. Let alone set her up to work beside him when there were many vacancies in other departments. Jason concluded this young woman was probably the future boss-lady, it was best not to offend her.

 54 Mean:

 ‘Miss, this is the information from yesterday’s meeting.’
‘My name is Mo Ya-’
‘Just call her “Secretary”.’ Muchen interjected severely. His cold expression caused a cold sweat to erupt from Jason’s back. He quickly bowed and left the office.
‘We are all colleagues.’ Mo Yan said. She glared at the domineering man, but he captured her small chin in his large hand. His eyes were sharp like a falcon. (Zuben: A falcon with testicles for brains, does this mean the falcon is smarter?)
‘Don’t chat with other people, but you can chat with me.’ He said with a happy laugh before letting her go. Mo Yan was angry.
He placed a hand on the stack of documents on the desk ‘I’m sure you can sort out this information by the end of today with your ability.’
Mo Yan’s eyes flashed and she began to study the data that had been given to her seriously and attentively. To Muchen, she radiated a kind of light. (Zuben: Using the lust filter) She looked alluring. Muchen greedily stared at her with a slight smile on his face.
Mo Yan’s neck ached from reading and sorting the data. She looked to Muchen and he was studying his computer screens. There were many words she did not understand in the data, so she rose out of her chair and left.
She walked by Jason and stopped. In a low voice, so she didn’t startle him, she asked, ‘I’m going to make something to drink. What does Mr Xiao drink?’
‘Black coffee.’ He quickly replied.
He stared after her as she headed to the tea room, and could not help but sigh and wonder why a beauty like that would not like a guy like him. (Zuben: you could try raping one, then acting like you own the universe)
In the break room, a gaggle of gorgeously dressed women were chatting in whispers. When Mo Yan walked in, they went quiet. With her back straight, she went to the machine and prepared her coffee and Muchen’s. Just as she was about to leave, a mocking voice said from behind her,
‘It is only because of her looks that she has snared the president.’
She turned to see a woman with heavy-make up on her face that held an expression of jealousy and resentment.
Mo Yan stared for a short while before replying, ‘That also requires you to be seen.’
Her cold words shocked the women.
‘Do you manage my business?’ Muchen appeared, ‘It looks like my employees are a waste since you all have time to indulge in idle gossip.’
He had known when she had left the office. Jason had told him she asked about his coffee preferences, and he snickered secretly. (Zuben: You know it’s only out of politeness not love, right? Testicolo brains)
After waiting for what began to feel like a long time and she hadn’t returned, he rose and went to the tea room.
He had not expected to find so many people there who didn’t know their place dare mock his darling. (Zuben: Off with their heads!) Just as he was about to step forward, he heard what she had said. It sent ripples through his heart and he could not help but smile.
After controlling his facial expressions and emotions, Xiao Muchen came up to Mo Yan and put his arm around her slender waist. His bright shark black eyes like a cheetah’s locked on the gorgeous woman in front of him.
Their President’s gesture made everyone afraid to speak.
Suddenly, he felt a warmth on his lips. Her pretty face so close to his made him slightly stunned. He tightened his grip around her deepening the kiss.
His actions scared Mo Yan, but his hot strong breath rushed up to her nose to disturb her thoughts. (Zuben: Obviously very easy to disturb thoughts in this here place) Mo Yan’s mind went blank as she kissed him back with equal fervour, wrapping her arms about his neck and using her pink tongue to lick his lips. When the kiss was sone, she turned back to narrow at eyes at the heavily made up lady before picking up the now cooled coffee and headed back to the office.
Watching her leave, Muchen smiled before turning back to the gossips with an expressionless mien. His eyes were cold as he said, ‘You can get out of here, this company does not need employees who talk rubbish.’
He waved a dismissive hand, and Jason ushered the ladies away.
As soon as she returned to the office, Mo Yan frowned.
Why did I just do that? She wondered.
The door opened. Mo Yan put down the coffee with a cold expression as though nothing had happened and kept her back to him, but Muchen pulled her to him. Wrapping his hands around her willowy waist, he nibbled on her white delicate earlobe,
‘How mean,’ he said, ‘you use me then you dump me, hm?’ the tone of his magnetic voice (Zuben: Drink) was a little amused and a little annoyed.

55 Just a touch:

‘No…um~ no,’ she moaned as he dropped delicate kisses along her snowy neck.
Muchen turned her head to him with his large hand and leaned down to kiss her honey lips. Mo Yan panted helplessly in his arms with her eyes closed. Then she felt a hot itchy sensation between her legs. Her eyes widened and she tried to push away from him.
‘Good, you feel it.’ Muchen’s eyes were full of passion and gentle seduction. He reached down to stroke her leg before reaching under her skirt to gently probe the hidden valley. He ran his fingers gently along her panties.
‘Uhn~ ah~ Come on~ I have work to do.’ Her sensitive body began to seep nectar under his ministrations. She held herself stiffly as though to keep the sensations at bay, her hands nervously clutching at his suit lapels.
He teased her petals through her panties, distracting her, before slipping in from the edge to dip his fingers into her narrow honey pot. Seeing Mo Yan immerse herself in the sensation, he pushed in freely and forcefully. He would tap on her clitoris with his thumb.
‘Ha~ ah~’ he kissed her. His long tongue aggressively swept into her mouth, and sucked her naughty little tongue. (Zuben: Has anyone ever seen a chicken’s tongue? When the writer uses “little tongue”, all I see is a human mouth with a chicken’s tongue)
He scratched against the sensitive walls of her intimate area and teasing the protruding pleasure points. She struggled to break free from his grasp but he held her fast. Around his fingers, her intimate muscles were beginning to close in. He scratched at the bumps with his nails.
‘Ah~!’ she cried out.
‘Don’t shout too loudly. Everyone outside would hear you.’ He said against her ear with a chuckle, before taking a nibble of the delicate lobe. Mo Yan bit her lip to keep her from crying out but she could not help the little squeals emerging. Her restraining moans almost made Muchen lose it, break out of his cage and release his strong desire and push it into her tightness.
There was a knock on the door just then, ‘President Xiao?’ Jason called from outside.
His voice made Mo Yan stiffen and her flower path gripped his fingers from fear and shame. The tightness made him feel like his fingers would be cut off. He wrenched her tightly closed legs apart with his other hand, and continued to attack her g-spot mercilessly. Mo Yan could hardly bear it. The waves of pleasure tinged with shame continuously attacked her brain and the culminating numbness swept through her. She stiffened, her hands gripped his jacket tightly and bit into his clavicle to keep from crying out, and get found out.
Her pussy kept spasming and gushing a stream of love juice into his hand drenching him and running down her thighs, and dropping on the high-end carpet on the floor. (Zuben: Where is this water coming from? She’s only had coffee today?!)
‘Strange,’ Jason said puzzled, ‘I wonder where the boss went.’ There had been no sound from the office, so he turned back to his desk.
Mo Yan’s body softened and collapsed into Muchen’s arms as she heard Jason leave. She was suddenly crying – looking rather pitiful. She looked up at him angrily with grievance and helplessness. Her disordered clothes would let anyone know what they had been doing. The stickiness between her legs put her at a loss.
‘Don’t cry, love.’ Muchen placated her, kissing her teary eyes. He picked her up and took her through a door in the office. It was an en-suite bedroom. It must be where he stayed when he needed to work late. He took her to the bathroom, and used a dampened towel to wipe her legs gently like she was fragile china.
He looked up at her; her lips were clenched and she was still sniffing. He expression was full of panic and shame. He could tell what she was worried about.
‘Don’t worry. The office has really good soundproofing. No one would have heard you. So, stop crying darling.’

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