Mo Yan in the Book 41 - 45 (H)


41 Mu Zeyuan:

Ye Hanyu was satisfied to see the girl in his arms intoxicated by his deep kiss. He gave her gentle pecks on her eyelids before turning his head and saying into the shadows,
‘Go and pick it up.’
‘Yes, sir.’
How could he let others see his kitten? With their identities, they carried many secrets on their phones, therefore, all of them had the best phones armed with the best security money could buy. They could only open with fingerprint and facial recognition. (Zuben: Hah) When he had shown the kitten just now, he had pressed his finger to unlock the phone, but as soon as he threw it, the phone was automatically locked. If someone tried to force the phone open, they will be shocked. Which will trigger a bomb within the phone, and all the data will be destroyed. (Zuben: Much shocku. Much kaploey)
His rough hands caressed her soft skin and kissed her lips and neck tenderly, he didn’t want to leave traces and make her embarrassment, so he had to control the strength of his kisses.
She noticed someone hand the phone back to him, she tried to snatch it but wasn’t quick enough. She glared at him in annoyance, ‘What are you planning?’
Her glare didn’t phase him, it just made him feel like she was coquetting.
He gave a villainous smile as he leaned down over her ear, ‘Come to the third floor later in the evening. Of course, if you don’t, I can’t guarantee what will happen.’
Panic and grievance filled Mo Yan’s heart; she didn’t want anything to happen to cause her parents worry. She picked up her glass to drink but it was empty, she had to return to the main ballroom to get more drink.
The long table was filled with all kinds of delicate rich foods and a colourful array of wines. She picked a glass and drank it in one go, the taste made Mo Yan unable to stop herself.
Mo Yan tried to forget that man’s words and today’s fright with alcohol, soon the table near her was crowded with empty glasses. She suddenly wanted to visit the ladies,
After a splash of cold water, Mo Yan’s mind cleared; she had forgotten how fierce the effects of mixing drinks were. Filling as silly as a child, she smiled at her reflection in the mirror. When she felt better, she left the room.
As she stepped out, she bumped into a man. His unique cologne made Mo Yan sniff to smell more. When the man stepped back, Mo Yan frowned and puckered her red lips in disgruntlement.
‘You’re drunk,’ Mu Zeyuan said as he sniffed her fragrant mouth, (Zuben: fragrant with what?) his green eyes behind the lenses were cold, sharp and dangerous (Zuben: Drink)
‘I’m not drunk, you’re in my way.’ Mo Yan looked up at the man angrily, but she didn’t realise how weak she looked. She poked at the man’s chest.
The bodyguard off to the side was surprised at the woman’s actions, he wanted to step forward to stop her but his boss waved him away.
‘If I was a bad person, I would take you away now. Don’t drink so much in the future, it could be very dangerous for you.’ He said as he rubbed her head.
But Mo Yan narrowed her eyes, ‘No. Who are you and why should I listen to you?’ she asked haughtily.
But Zeyuan was not happy hearing those words from her sweet lips.
‘So who do you want to hear these words from? Long Aotian?’ (Zuben: Bros, you haven’t paid dowry, but you’ve broken the vase, you still don’t have rights though)
His forceful anger made her burst into tears, ‘I’m going to tell my mother that you bullied me!’ she cried wiping her tears. (Zuben: I will tell my mummy!)
‘Don’t cry, darling,’ he said soothingly, ‘I’ll take you upstairs to get some sleep.’
The bodyguard was in shock, his mouth hung open seeing the interaction between Mu Zeyuan and Mo Yan. He had to rub his eyes. This wasn’t the Boss Mu he knew, make him go back to normal!
Mu Zeyuan turned to him with his cold image, and the bodyguard continued his work without expression. 

42 You are a Bad Guy:

 Mo Yan looked at him in cautious doubt, ‘Mom said I shouldn’t go with strangers.’ (Zuben: What kind of light-weight is this?)
‘Your name is Mo Yan, my name Mu Zeyuan. Now, we know each other.’
‘Hmm,’ Mo Yan frowned thoughtfully, ‘that seems to be about right.’ The man knew her name, he had told her his name. They must really know each other.
Alas, why did the kitten become silly after being drunk? She said things that made him laugh and annoyed him all at the same time. But he looked upon her with helpless doting, what would he do? I wanted to put her in his pocket and take her everywhere with him. (Zuben: But where did this doting come from?! You only raped her, then stalked her!)
‘Hmm, but I should stay here. There are many sweet wines here.’ She said ruefully, reluctant to leave the mellow taste of the wines.
Seeing Mo Yan’s rueful explanation, sounding as though she had fallen from heaven to the bottom.
‘There is a lot wine upstairs, a few of which aren’t even downstairs.’ He tried to convince her to come with him, ‘And if you’re worried, I can ask someone to tell your parents where you are, so they wouldn’t worry about you.’
‘Alright, since you’re telling my parents.’ She said putting her hand in his and allowing herself to be led to be led off to the wolves’ cave like a silly girl.
They went up white marble stairs that gleamed beneath the dim lights of the chandeliers, there was no trace of dust. As they reached the third floor, the security personnel patrolled making sure no intruders would not pass. The third floor was the domain of these five men. (Zuben: Handy that they live together.)
Mu Zeyuan led her to a spacious bedroom where a few bottles of wine had been placed on a table. Mo Yan’s eyes flashed. She wanted to move forward to the bottles, but she was pulled back,
‘That is not to your taste, try this.’ He said, handing her a glass of red wine that was smooth, rich and sweet. There was no heavy scent of alcohol, rather it smelled like flowers. The taste made Mo Yan happy. (Zuben: And where the hell did he get that from? Did he do a superman zip?)
‘You’re here.’ Situ Yi said raising his eyebrows at Mo Yan’s obvious drunkenness. Giving her a look of disapproval, he took the glass out of her hand. (Zuben: Isn’t it one of your lot that drove her to drink?)
‘Give it back, you bad man.’ She cried after a double-take at her suddenly empty hand.  She looked up at him angrily, and saw his androgynous face that did not lose his masculinity. She unconsciously touched his face, then she turned to look at Mu Zeyuan in confusion, wondering why he was here, forgetting that she had come upstairs with him.

‘Where is Yan-yan?’ Meng Xin asked looking around anxiously, not seeing her daughter anywhere.
‘The butler just came to inform me that Miss Mo is sleeping upstairs, she got a bit drunk. I can take you to see her. We are happy for you to stay here for the night, so that you don’t have to wake her. And we can talk about our businesses working together in the morning.’ Xiao Muchen said trying to ensure that Mo Yan wasn’t taken away by her parents.
‘If it is convenient, would the esteemed Mr Xiao be so kind as to ask someone to take us to see our daughter.’ Meng Xin said politely, but her tone brooked no argument.
‘I will take you myself. This way, please.’ Muchen said with a polite smile. He exchanged a glance with Gong Qiye once the Mos were past him.
‘Yi, the others are bringing Mr and Mrs Mo up to see the kitten. Could we give her a sedative?’ Zeyuan asked Yi after getting the news from Qiye.
Yi went to a cupboard and retrieved a small vial and handed it to Mo Yan.
‘Darling, drink this.’ He said.
But she gave him a look that was both questioning and contemptuous. They seem to be treating her like an idiot; so she turned her head away from the two anxious men.
‘So naughty.’ Yi said as he firmly grabbed her chin and poured the potion down her throat.
She barely struggled before the medication’s effect took hold and her eyelids grew heavy. Mo Yan sang into Yi’s arms and he placed her gently on the bed. The room was cleared and he and Zeyuan moved to another room. (Zuben: Sima Yi, always with these “convenient medicines”. Maybe you should find the cure for the ‘can’t not shag’ pill in your spare time, rather than all these dodgy medicines you carry about.) 

43 Don’t Cry (h):

‘Baby? Yan-yan…’
Meng Xin shook her daughter gently, but she could not rouse her. She turned to look questioningly at Yuhao. (Zuben: So many “beautifuls” deleted…)
‘You can let your daughter sleep.’ Xiao Muchen said solicitously to the couple as he led them out of the room, ‘I have asked the butler to prepare a room for you.’
Checking the couple had left, Yi and Zeyuan returned to the room. She was still asleep and her face had a child-like innocence making the two men indulge in staring at her. Suddenly, the closed lashes fluttered and opened to look at the two men in a daze.
‘You’re the worst,’ she cried, ‘forcing me to drink something weird…’
Zeyuan looked at Yi mockingly as Mo Yan complained.
‘Now, now don’t cry.’ Yi said whispering with his magnetic voice as he licked her tears. (Zuben: Drink on magnetic – all their voices are magnetic)
‘Go away!’ She said pushing him away. Her body felt like it was on fire, and the man against her made it worse. She pushed but it was not hard enough, so he didn’t go far. She reached behind and undid her dress’ fastening, revealing her luscious body to the men. Her rose nipples were only covered by skin coloured pasties. Seeing the fullness of her breasts and her narrow waist and gently curving hips reminded the men of the madness that night.
Yi succumbed first, pushing her down and embracing her. His long tongue darted into her mouth and sucked on the sweet saliva. (Zuben: without even a by-your-leave! How rude!) He kneaded her breasts tenderly with his large hands, and pinched them gently from time to time. Feeling her body tremble seductively in his arms, he took of the last defence with satisfaction. Her sealed lips lightly glistened under men’s sight.
He inserted his middle finger and it was clamped tightly by her intimate muscles, so he pressed the pleasure nubbin with his thumb to get her to relax.
Mo Yan began to moan from the pleasures they were stirring in her. Because of the catharsis of alcohol, she thought it was a dream so she let them have their way. (Zuben: Really? Even if she was drunk, she just recovered from what was a traumatic experience for her. This won’t be a dream, it would be a nightmare)
Feeling that she was ready, Yi pulled her legs apart as he released his organ. He lay on the bed and got her on top of him so he could touch her small pussy with his cock making her nectar coat the bulbous head, before pushing in straight to the flower palace. Her hole sucked and pinched him, and he could not help but grab her waist and rock her up and down his length.
‘Ah~ so full uh~ so thick~ ah~’ she moaned.
‘How lovely, if only you could be so good when you’re awake.’ (Zuben: But you’ll get bored if she doesn’t resist, won’t you?)
Enjoying the tightness of her vagina, Yi opened her lips as wide as they could go and shoved the remainder of his male root into her.
‘Ah!’ She screamed, ‘too much. Get out! It hurts so much…’ She tried to push away from him.
‘Yi calm down, don’t be so impulsive.’ Zeyuan said as he took off his glasses, ‘Don’t forget that the kitten still can’t accept us.’
He went up to them and together began to tease Mo Yan’s sensitive body.
Seemingly listening to Zeyuan’s advice he pulled out of Mo Yan, just as her body was pulling away from his he pulled her down heavily sending his meat stick in. The movements were slow, but Mo Yan’s insides began to crave more force.
‘Hurry up, give me…I want it…ah~ harder~’ She commanded the man inside her to fill the emptiness in her small hole. She put her hands on his shoulder to help her rock against him. Her face was flushed and full of pleasure; it was a charming picture.  

44 High inflation. 3P:

‘Greedy pussy.’ Watching Mo Yan playing eagerly, he put more force into his thrusts, occasionally rubbing the g-spot with his glans. He felt her tremble and his grim expression broke into an evil smile.
‘Oh, don’t poke that~ I will break~ ah~’ the sense of impending climax hit Mo Yan’s brain stem, and her whole body was suffused with the numbing waves of pleasure, she could only cry out. Her hands were held by Yi who wouldn’t let her resist. Everytime, she lifted her body from him, he poked the little bump with each re-entry. Mo Yan little white toes began to curl as the pleasure mounted. Feeling her flower hole begin to draw him in, he winked at Zeyuan.
Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Zeyuan come up and lift her by her thighs, opening her legs wider, giving Yi a chance to penetrate her to the hilt. His thrusts were fierce, invading the flower palace. Inserting and grinding making her spew her love liquid, his onslaught was merciless.
‘I’ll feed you with some first.’ Yi said before breaching the flower palace and ejaculating his hot fluid into her. Even then, he was unwilling to leave her warm tight flower path so easily, he continued to rock into her prolonging her pleasure. As more love juice spewed out, Yi smiled in self-satisfaction.
Knowing what Zeyuan wanted, Yi lay down in the middle of the bed, and Mo Yan’s small pussy had almost swallowed his male root whole. Mo Yan was pushed forward into Yi’s arms, displaying the red swollen petals parted by the meat stick and exposing her small pink anus to Zeyuan. He used his long fingers to collect nectar from her petals to lubricate her anus. The sensation of his finger in her made her look back anxiously, and she saw him pumping his finger back and forth.
‘No, don’t do that uhn!’ she tried sit up and protest but Yi pulled her down. He put his strong arms around her beautiful back, and nibbled on her white shoulder leaving a red rose brand.
‘Uh~ ah~’ she began to moan in pleasure. Seeing that Mo Yan was beginning to succumb to the pleasure, he put his cock against the back entrance that was constantly huffing and puffing. (Zuben: Isn’t she just farting) He pushed in gently, just pushing in with the top of his dick afraid a forced entry would hurt her. He bent over and kissed her back as he massaged her clitoris as he slowly pushed into her, and the anus that could only hold one finger swallowed the long thick cock.
‘Oh~ ah~ relax baby. That’s it...suck it in and spit it out. You can take it.’ His deep voice bewitched Mo Yan, and she relaxed around the two men taking in their meat sticks. The feeling of fullness made her fearful, but the alcohol lowered her inhibitions.
‘Ah! Too much…hah~ slow down~’ she cried in pleasure, as their cocks pushing deep into her and out in tacit understanding. The pleasure brought Mo Yan down and she writhed between them.
Zeyuan’s movements increased speed and he suddenly rubbed against a part of the soft meat. Mo Yan started to violently resist, but his green eyes were filled with deep lust, and he held on to her narrow waist and began to pound at the soft meat.
‘No! Stop…ah~ I’m going to break! Ahhh~’ she cried, but they were now totally immersed in her enchanting body. Intent on rubbing the sensitive spots within her with their male roots. The strong pleasure filled Mo Yan’s mind. Though her upper mouth was begging for mercy, how could they easily put down the delicious flesh in their hands. 

45 Kitten: 

‘Ha~ ah~’ Unable to bear the unrestrained lust of the men, the flower cave and back hole sprayed at the same time, (Zuben: She must have Bartholin’s glands in both parts), making the men crazy and thrust wildly. Mo Yan was lost, and her begged for mercy in her delicate voice but instead of invoking a reprieve, it aroused the beast in Yi and Zeyuan.
As Mo Yan climaxed again, Zeyuan pressed against her abdomen hard with his large hand and he came mixing her flower liquid with his thick cum. Hot tears fell from her eyes unto Yi’s tanned abs.
‘Don’t come anymore, it’s full.’ Mo Yan whined helplessly tossing her head. Her eyes were misty, as she pleaded.
‘How could we do that? I think that darling’s flower palace can eat more semen.’ Yi said fascinated by the slight bulge of her abdomen. He pinched her flower pedicle forcing her to continue to spray out her love juice as he smashed her flower palace with great force, trampling the fragile wall.
Strong pleasure over took her gain, and the crazy lust forced Mo Yan to continue spraying her clear tide. The strong suctionof her uterus and intestines made the men ejaculate powerfully, and the slightly convex abdomen grew in size as her sensitive posterior acupoint was filled with scalding male fluid. (Zuben: They are cum hydrants)
Despite being so full, the two lewd holes continued to spasmodically suck on the cocks inside them. Mo Yan fell into Yi’s arms and sobbed.
‘It looks like our kitten has been fucked dizzy.’
Hearing a voice of a newcomer, Mo Yan tried to hide her face so that the man would not find out her identity.
‘But I was so sad; how could my pussy forget me so quickly? But I hadn’t expected that you didn’t run away.’
Mo Yan looked up at the man who had walked in through foggy eyes, and recalled him. Mo Yan’s face paled, her expression was frightened and frantic,
‘No! It’s you! It’s you awful men! Let me go, you bad guys! Let me go…’ she screamed.
Seeing her sudden demented change (Zuben: What did you expect, for her to fall into your collective arms and call you darling?), Yi captured her flailing hands and sent Ye Hanyu to his box he had left on the table. Ye Hanyu brought him the box, and Yi quickly retrieved what he required. It was a vial of Leng xiang, which had a soothing effect. He swept the bottle across her nose and back again to she could get a good sniff, as he stroked her back, calming the hysterical Mo Yan who was about to break down,
‘It’s okay, darling, take it easy.’ He whispered in her ear.
Mo Yan continued to cry, ‘What do you want from me? Why won’t you let me be?’
Her red swollen eyelids filled the men with pity, making them want to love her. Situ Yi pulled out of her cavern, and a stream of liquid poured down her thigh. Zeyuan was holding a silk cloth, which Yi took from him and used it to clean Mo Yan gently, fearing the cloth would scratch her delicate skin. (Zuben: He must a magician pulling silk handkerchiefs out of his sleeve any how)
‘What we want is you.’ Hanyu said before giving her a gentle peck on her full red lips. Exchanging expressions of helplessness about their feelings with the other men, Hanyu picked up her fragile body and took her to the en suite bathroom. (Zuben: My turn)
Yi and Zeyuan could not help but look at each other with tolerance and love in their eyes. (Zuben: Love and tolerance?! Psychos)
They called a servant to clean the room and moved to the other room to clean up.
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